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I know I’ve been a little quiet for a while, but I hope you’ll forgive me because I have been working on new content to share.

I’m part of a fun, fantastic group of women who make up my local RWA chapter. We are combining our collective talents for an anthology to be released this fall. Each of us who participated wrote a short story–less than 10,000 words–with a central theme of winter holidays in the Charleston area. My submission was a very on-brand dark romance about a hitman who is sent to track down a woman he made a connection with one night at bar to determine whether she witnessed a murder…and possibly to kill her.

I had such a blast with Tony and Callie’s story, I knew I wanted to write more with them, so I went back and wrote the story of how they met, a prequel to the anthology story, and then wrote a short about what happens after the anthology story.

The first part–the story of how they meet–is now a free download for everyone who signs up for my newsletter. 


Spilling blood comes as easy as breathing for Tony, and work as a hitman keeps women like Callie far out of his reach. Cultured and classy, she should want nothing to do with him. But somehow…she does.

A better man would turn her away.

Sometimes it pays not to be a better man.



If you are interested, sign up here: http://jendavis.net/sign-up-for-my-newsletter/

Keep an eye out for Love in the Lowcountry: Winter Holidays Collection, releasing November 5, for part two. I’ll put up part three on Amazon at the same time. All three parts together will equal the length of a novella.

I hope you enjoy!

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